October 2018:

Kennel Club announcement - 

At a recent meeting, the Kennel Club Board passed a proposal by the UK Whippet Breed Council for an amendment to the Whippet Breed Standard colour clause. The colour clause will now read:


Colour Any colour or mixture of colours, except merle.


The amendment to the standard will be published in the December 2018 edition of the Kennel Club Journal and the Kennel Club’s website will be updated from 1 December 2018.


The Kennel Club gave the Breed Council assurance that they intend to write to the FCI to request that the UK is restored as the country of patronage and that its standard is aligned with the Kennel Club Whippet Breed Standard.


This is wonderful news and we look forward to the FCI whippet standard being brought back in line with the Whippet’s origins.

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