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After consultation with the Breed Clubs the Whippet BC have issued the following statement.

The UK Whippet Breed Council is aware that the price of a puppy from some sources has risen dramatically in recent times and that there has been much discussion on this topic. It is difficult to state a definitive price and this can and does vary across the country. It can be expected to range from £650 through to £1200. Please be careful and think very hard if you are being asked to pay more. Puppy prices should not alter because of colour and blues and blacks are not rare. Be aware that the colour merle is not allowed. Prospective owners would do well to look at the following website where they can find statistics evidencing colour distribution and much more information too.It is free to join and a wonderful resource. Paying a higher price does not necessarily guarantee a well bred, well reared healthy and happy puppy and you as the buyer have to do your homework. Do start by using The Kennel Club’s website and by making contact with your local Whippet Breed Club who will try and find someone to help you with your search. We would advise those searching for a puppy to find out as much about the breeder as they can, ask a lot of questions - a good breeder will not be offended and be prepared to be asked and answer a lot of questions yourself. You should have full contact details for the breeder including a telephone number. Do go and see the puppies and if due to the current situation you can’t, then arrange for Facetime or some form of live videoconferencing. Are they reared in the home? Have you seen them with the bitch? Who is the sire? Why have they been bred? What support and aftercare are you as the new owner being offered? Do you have a contract? Is the puppy endorsed ‘not for breeding’ and / or ‘not for export’ and do you understand what this means and whether these endorsements can be lifted in the future? Some breeders health test and this can be seen as good practise although it’s important to state that this is not a requirement for the breed.

We hope to produce a more detailed guide in due course but please do feel free to contact us either via our Facebook Page or our Website

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