The first Newsletter will be launched at Manchester Championship Show and will also give you the first glimpse of Whippet Breed Council's new logo. Copies will be available there for £3.50 or can be posted out from that date on for £5.00. Payment can be cash, cheque (The Whippet Breed Council) or PayPal ukwhippetbcs@gmail.com


You will receive formal  notification by  Email of the AGM on Sunday 1st March by 19th January (6 weeks prior to AGM) with the formal notification of the AGM and the proposed Agenda. By 2nd February (4 weeks prior to AGM) - at the very latest but sooner if you wish  -Breed Clubs will need to have forwarded their nominations for Office Bearers and any items they wish added to the Agenda. The AGM will be followed by an ordinary meeting and you may have items you would like placed on that Agenda too.

Mel Sampson 

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