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July 2020:

Pam Marston Pollock has been asked to update the Whippet Judges list the KC has online. As you know this can be accessed through The Kennel Club website at ‘Find A Judge’


Pam would be grateful if you could have a look through and let her know if you see anyone on the list who has passed away, or if you know of anyone who has retired from judging either let Pam know or contact them yourself and ask they if they would contact The KC to have their name removed from the list.

Judges Information​:

The Kennel Club has written to all judges who are approved to award Challenge Certificates to provide them with an update on new initiatives and various rules and regulations in relation to canine health and welfare.


                     The note covers:
                                                     Breed Standards
                                                     Code of Best Practice for Judges
                                                     Breed Watch
                                                     Show Regulations
                                                                  You can download a copy of the note here.

The KC Briefing Note for Judges at Kennel Club Shows can be downloaded here.


 The Kennel Club have a very useful 'find a judge' section open to all to view:
                                                                                    Take a look for yourself here 


The Kennel Club - Judges Competency Framework - Information and level table





Judges are required by the Kennel Club to submit a critique to the Dog Press on the 
dogs they have judged at Championship shows. Please see the available download 
as an introductory guide to critique writing to help judges in this important aspect of 
their appointment. 

The KC run seminars on critique writing, please do take part in one in your local area 
or whilst attending a dog show that holds the seminar at the same time as its show.


Whippet Judging appointments
               (Google spreadsheet - online list) Follow this link to the online spreadsheet

Whippet Critiques - The Kennel Club have released their new section where all judges are invited to submit critiques. This is at the moment a free service for all exhibitors to look for critiques on their dogs

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