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Breed Education Programme (Breed Shows)

The Kennel Club

Breed Education Co-Ordinator

           Whippet        -       Editha Newton

March 2022 -

Editha Newton our BEC (Breed Education Coordinator) has shared the following information and is happy to be contacted with any queries you may have. Her Email is at the end of this statement.


  •  Judges Education Programme: JEP (New name for what was the Judges Competency Framework JCF).

  • Our BEC has compiled Mentor and Observer Lists.

  • The criteria to be included on these lists is as follows : Must have bred/owned 2 UK Champions and awarded CCs at least two times.

  •  For those who do not meet this requirement they must have 50% support from the Breed Council/Clubs and then be ratified by the KC Judges Sub Committee.

  • The updated information on the Level 1-4 requirements are now available along with information and Code of Best practices on

  • As regards BAD’s (Breed Appreciation Days)  -  all breed Clubs are required to be involved in running a BAD every two years. The qualification for attending BADs is : Anyone can attend, but before sitting the MCE (Multiple Choice Exam)  Candidates must have completed Level 1 criteria. EAWC has held one - March 22 - and others are planned.

  • Contact for our BEC, Editha Newton:


Judges Education Programme - Levels 1-4 criteria and Judge elegibility

Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) Mentoring

Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) Frequently Asked Questions

Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) Press Releases

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