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Future Event  (8th June 2021)                  Mr. Espen Engh - Whippets around the World

Future Event  (18th May 2021)               Professor Virginia Luis Fuentes - Whippets & Hearts

20/04/2021         19:00Hrs (BST)

4th Event 

More than 100 years of Whippets

Mr. Bo Bengston

At the International Whippet Congress in 2018 Bo Bengston gave a presentation on more than 100 years of Whippets. He is a renowned enthusiast, breeder, international judge, historian and award winning author who is highly respected across the world and we are delighted that he has agreed to share with us his presentation on the development of our breed.

Ticket sales live from 13th April 20:00Hrs (BST)


3rd Event 

Breed Health Improvement:- 'finding the balance'

Mr. Ian Seath

In this presentation Ian Seath will talk about approaches to breed health improvement and why every breed needs a health strategy. The Whippet Breed Health and Conservation Plan is still under development with the Kennel Club and there is useful data already available from previous health surveys. The challenge is knowing where it will be best to put our effort. The presentation will cover areas where it might be useful to focus attention and discuss how breeders can make use of DNA tests and clinical screening programmes, as well as some of the pitfalls to be aware of. There will be an opportunity for a question and answer discussion after Ian's presentation.

Ian Seath is Chairman of the Dachshund Breed Council and a member of their Health Committee. As a KC Director, he also serves on the Breed Standards and Conformation Sub-group of the Dog Health Group. He writes a monthly column: "Best of Health", for Our Dogs.


2nd Event -

A presentation on colour genetics in Whippets - Jo Whitehead (Citycroft)

Jo has an in depth knowledge and understanding of colour genetics in Whippets. Do we know what colours to expect from a mating? What are dilutes and non dilutes? Is this a cream or a fawn? What colours are not genetically possible? She will be able to enlighten us and give us the insight to be able to work these things out for ourselves. This is an introduction to the topic and suitable for all with an interest in the breed.


1st Event -

Whippet Breed Standard - Pamela Marston-Pollock

Extended Breed Presentation by Pamela Marston-Pollock (BEC)

The event is to take place online on the evening of Tuesday 8th December, commencing at 19:00hrs

All tickets for this event are sold out

Thank you so much to our speaker Pam Marston-Pollock and everyone who attended our very first online seminar. It was amazing to see so many from across the world !

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