It looks like we are back - but lets hope better than ever!

  • Jan Wood - Interim Chairman

  • Jan Wood - Vice Chairman

  • Secretary - Melanie Sampson

         Oakfield, 9 Llannerch Road West

         Rhos On Sea

         Colwyn Bay

         LL28 4BB



  • Mark Smith - 

       Treasurer/Web Design


  • Pam Marston-Pollock 

         Breed Education Co-Ordinator


  • Jo Whitehead 

         Health Co-Ordinator



The Whippet Breed Council

24th November 2021

Ann Beckett-Bradshaw has sadly resigned as Chairman

The Breed Council wishes to thank Ann for the

enthusiasm, dedication, leadership, ideas and 

suggestions she has brought during her term in office.

Breed clubs have given their support to Jan Wood the vice- Chairman who is now

the interim Chairman until our annual meeting on 20th February when

a new chairman will be elected.

Breed clubs have been asked to nominate candidates for the post no later than 23rd January 2022. 


Sometimes in life you cross paths with perfection personified - Ann you will be dearly missed 


The Whippet Breed Council

AGM and ordinary meeting

is scheduled for 10:00am Sunday 20th February 2022

The meeting will be held via Google meet 

Whippet Breed Council team