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Whippet of The Year

CityCroft whippets

Whippet Breed Council team

  • Secretary - Melanie Sampson

         Oakfield, 9 Llannerch Road West

         Rhos On Sea

         Colwyn Bay

         LL28 4BB

         e:   UKWhippetBCS@gmail.com


  • George Poole  Treasurer

  • Editha Newton

         Breed Education Co-Ordinator

         e: whippeteducation906@gmail.com

  • Jo Whitehead 

         Health Co-Ordinator

         e: joclarewhitehead@yahoo.co.uk

  • Roger Perkins          Vice Chairman

  • Jan Wood -  Chairman

         e: mail@janwood.net

Next meeting:

The Whippet Breed Council

Ordinary Meeting Sunday 30th October 10:00am

The meeting will be held via Google meet 

If members of a UK Whippet Breed Club would like to attend as Observers please Email the Secretary